KA The Egyptian hieroglyph is a pair of human arms, pointing upwards… SPIRIT… Egyptians believe their conscious selves not to be  a single  being  but to have multiple roles with separate names… An existence separate from their body self…

Upon the founder's father death (1990)

- the father’s spirit synthesized with the son to become one, giving him the name KA 

- initiating a metamorphosis  that would entirely alter the way he viewed........ reality.

Journey of self-realisation

Akeil Abd El Moteleb. the Guru 1990-1995

He was given the mantra KA by his father. Where the sun was shown to him to be the source of all life force energy. Where the moon rotate around the earth and both rotate around the sun as one to create the most amazing gift the air that we breath.

Akeil  Elshimi the Fighter, 1995-1997

Where he became the Australian professional super heavy weight kick-boxing champion in 1995.


Rasoul El Noor  the Ascender .1997-2002

To view the outcome and not attach yourself to it  (neither Akeil And El Moteleb nor Akeil Elshimi) and to maintain the conscious trajectory required for its activation.


Kaheil Soloman The Healer. 2002-Present

the total projection of all of them and not any one of them