The Science of healing through renewable energy

Meditation in motion

Everyone of us is travelling at about 70,000 kph - that is the average orbital speed of the earth around the sun, however, our mind operates in a static existence totally disconnected from the reality that we are in the state of constant motion. 

Zero gravity cell breathing reconnects us to state of constant motion - gravity (where every cell vibrate at the same frequency as planet earth rotates on its axis)

Conscious Perspective of Mind Access


We  are  miniature  representations  of  the  universe  that  is  in governance of our immediate existence as every atom nucleus (protons, neutrons) and electrons are the exact replica of the celestial trajectory (Earth, Moon) and Sun. 

If an atom were about as big as baseball stadium, the nucleus (Protons and neutrons) would be the size of a pea in the very centre and the electrons would be somewhere on the outside edge.

Zero gravity Breath Hypnosis is accessed through five stages or plans of viewing  (subconscious, conscious, unconscious, supersubconscious, superconscious)  or dimensions (Gravity, Polarity, Infinity).

Gravity (unconscious)

The state whereby we access gravitational forces and every atom vibrates at the same frequency and as planet earth rotates on its axis: we are in a state of constant motion.

Polarity (super-subconscious)

The paradigm shift at the state of constant motion to access the super-subconscious plan (solar). Charging and storing solar energy through directional airway circular breathing, at a molecular cell level where fully oxygenate blood cells are at a continual state of renewal and regeneration facilitating constant energy flow in the body system.

Infinity (superconscious)

The paradigm shift at a molecular cell level to enable access to the superconscious plan where energy in an infinite existence as laser beam can be directed at a molecular stem-cell level to access total holistic healing.

Zero gravity cell breathing is a structured 3D scientific process in a state of motion at a molecular cell level;

where you experience an incremental weightlessness through  a gradual fade out 3D mechanism syncing in gravitational forces Inertia Trajectory where every cell start vibrating at the same electromagnetic frequency in motion as the earth rotate on its axis - gravity (unconscious) ;

and replicating itself at an atom level in the same celestial trajectory as the earth, moon and sun - infinity (superconscious)

By accessing superconscious:

(a) you supersede the basic mechanics of the subconscious and its identification with the mind which creates a separate self (Analogue reception).

(b) view yourself as a part of an infinite process and not the process itself (Digital reception). Refer to Diagram. 

This revolutionary scientific quantum breathing system at a molecular cell level has been in development for the past 20 years through the knowledge of mind access spiritual founder Kahiel Soloman (MK) the Founder of the Kung Fu system Qa Qi Qung Fu.

Directional  ( 3 D )   circular breathing