Since Danielle was a young girl she always had a void within her that she just couldn’t seem to fill.  It wasn’t anything superficial or materialistic, it was something much more deep; something lacking on the inside. She had a loving family and plenty of caring friends; she was always at the top of her class making straight A’s and all the teachers adored her. However, something was still not quite right, from the outside looking in, it seemed Danielle had it all: charm, brains, beauty, popularity and talent. Everything came so easy to her but this only made her more lost and distant: how can a girl have so many things going for her yet be trapped in this nexus of self-despair?  In order to fill the emptiness within, Danielle began spiralling into a dark path of drugs, alcohol and self-abuse.

In no time, she was on a slippery slope into the morose world of addiction (alcohol, marijuana and ecstasy).  She found herself only thinking of how she could get pharmaceuticals: that was her preference. Danielle was so consumed by the relaxed feeling she built a tolerance to the pills rapidly and became so addicted to antidepressants.  She continued falling into a tailspin and began smoking and drinking even heavier than ever before. The combination of all this was breaking her down, she felt lonely and guilty: whenever alone she would cry so hard until no longer could breathe.  This entrapment pushed her deeper into self-destruction: Danielle had hit rock bottom and she didn’t even know where to begin, with lies or honesty.

When Danielle began receiving knowledge from practicing Mind Access, her entire world started to change in amazing ways. The void that she always felt inside was diminishing and she felt much more content in everything she did. Not only was Danielle doing better emotionally, she was in a better place mentally and physically.

Through knowledge practice she realised what she needed was already lying dormant within her and has been activated through (Breath Hypnosis) Mind Access practice. Danielle is automatically in tune with herself and more physically self-aware: she no longer requires the use of medication or drugs. The changing of her vibration frequency at a molecular cell level through practice: Danielle’s walking is totally different because she floats as she moves in zero gravity like in a spaceship; there is no tension and she feels like she glides everywhere; when she goes to the gym she is more aware of her body and posture connection, she maintains proper form and makes each movement count to get maximum results; she knows when it comes to completing any work or assignments or even just reading, she hones in and gets into the zone directly.

Danielle sees a myriad of benefits from practicing knowledge. Her focus and energy are so high she feels absolutely invigorated like a rocket ship blasting off into infinity and beyond.  She knows exactly what to do and how to achieve it.  Instead of squandering time searching the web or using social media she completes her chores immediately and gets tons accomplished. The clutter on her bathroom sink is now gone and her room is no longer a disaster zone as the clothes are all folded and hung up properly. It was like “I snapped my fingers and boom everything was done”.