The decision to join the Yoga Teacher Training School under the direction of MK in 2002 was so incredible and I soon realised I was fortunate and privileged to be involved in something much more than I realised: this system was an amazing all encompassing holistic healing system.

As it became a bit of a shock 2 years ago when I found out I had cancerous cells that would develop into a life-threatening situation. The worry of going through chemo was totally overwhelming and had a huge impact on me.

I can acknowledge first hand the miracle that happened to me as the cell mutation that caused the cancerous cells regressed and I became healthy again and I didn’t need to go to chemo: thanks to this amazing healing system. VIEW MIND ACCESS LINK

My life changed completely in numerous physical and non-physical ways: I lost 10 kilos; my body became toned; I experienced incredible flexibility as if the body could flow like water; the energy flowed all day long enabling me to do things without becoming tired; my body strength increased enormously; my clarity was amazing and the mind was still enabling me to focus on tasks without any interruption from beginning to the end. Overall my life changed.



The Ashram – Meeting 2002


I was looking for something in my life and was not sure what it was. I had previously trained in Ashtanga and Hatha yoga but this had not changed my life in the way I was expecting. There was no real connection or feeling of being in the right place so it was timely that I started looking for something else in my life and upon reflection it was as if I was being directed to make this change. I read an advertisement in the newspaper advertising for teachers to be trained in yoga in a new Yoga School located in Monger Street, Northbridge. When contacting the office I remember speaking with this naturally friendly person named Ariel. Her name matched her presence. She made me feel at ease straight away and was very relaxed and gentle as she went into a lot of detail about the new dynamic form of yoga the school was conducting and the teacher training program. She talked highly of MK and how we were very lucky to have someone of this caliber in Perth. MK had just arrived from the Gold Coast to teach a select few who would be trained to a level where they would become teachers and then teach the system to others at the school. The feeling of joy was incredible after speaking with Ariel and being invited to come along for an interview. It was one of the happiest moments I remember – it was like a dream come true. I always wanted to learn, train and teach yoga but never had the confidence to take on the challenge.


The week flew by and before I knew it I was on my way to the interview. I was very conscious of everything that day and can vividly remember the sites on the way. I recall the beautiful grand trees that lined the streets and framed the entry to the Ashram. It was so picturesque as it was Autumn and all the trees were dropping these enormous leaves. The colours were magic. The sun was glistening through the branches and creating a path of sunlight all the way to the entrance of the Ashram.  The Ashram looked so welcoming and grand from the street verge with its lovely verandahs and gardens. There was a magnificent wooden door at the front which had a grand feel about it and made a statement as you entered into the unknown.


I knocked on the door and was greeted by this amazing looking person Ariel. Her large sparkling blue eyes drew me deeply into her space and presence. I then noticed her lovely flowing long blonde hair which went all the way down her back. Inside all of this beauty was this amazing person who radiated a special kind of glow which stayed with me for a long time and still does. I felt an instant bond or connection towards her and felt I was meant to be here. Ariel spoke in such a soft gentle voice which put me at ease straight away. I followed her down the long corridor until we reached this magnificent room alight with candles. I could see a large golden Buddha strategically positioned in the centre of the adjoining room where the interview with MK was to be conducted and I recall the magic moment and how spiritually lifting I felt just by being there.

I sat down on the sofa and handed my resume and passport photo to Ariel for documenting. She mentioned everyone in the office had been incredibly busy and Benjamin was spending most of his time on advertising and marketing for the yoga school as well as continuing with his training with earlier students. I felt lucky to be invited knowing there had been hundreds of applications received for the limited positions available. Ariel then started giving me an introduction into the system and a brief outline of the Ashram and the rules to follow at the Yoga Teacher Training School. It was the first Yoga School of this type in Perth. I could feel my heart thumping as I became more excited and at that moment I knew I just wanted to be a part of whatever was going on at the school  There were different levels of achievement. You start off with an introductory session to assess your ability and flexibility before you qualify to do the workshop, then you move up to beginners level 1, intermediate level 2 and then the advanced level 3 before qualifying to become a teacher. I could now imagine myself being a teacher.

As my eyes drifted around the room I noticed the healthy green plants in beautiful glazed pots and fresh flowers everywhere I looked. I noticed a large fish tank and my eyes drifted towards the fish swimming around all the toys, rocks and plants which had been carefully placed in the large pristine aquarium. As I watched them I could feel their energy.


Ariel then asked me if I would like to read the articles from various newspapers which I was keen to do. The articles, writings and testimonials were so impressive and amazing – there were stories of people who had already experienced some form of healing. This is an incredible energy system so advanced for its time. I now wanted to know more about this amazing holistic healing system.


Time soon passed and I was the last person in the room soon to have my interview with MK. As I walked into the peaceful room I felt a powerful presence of energy. My first impression of MK was that he was a very tall and attractive and had beautiful brown eyes. Then he spoke and I could feel the vibrations resonating from his voice which totally absorbed me and demanded my attention straight away. There was a god like presence before me which was quite surreal and yet very real. At the same time there was this warmth which exuded from MK which automatically made me aware of the respect I was to give to such a great Master.


I was made to feel at ease immediately by the warmth in his voice and when asked about previous experiences I had had it wasn’t so difficult to reply. I considered myself to be reasonably fit and healthy at that time and fairly flexible. Later I was asked about myself and why I wanted to become a teacher. I have always wanted to help others and look after my own health so this would be the direction I wanted to take. All throughout the interview there was a calm and peaceful feeling around me even though I was still feeling very nervous by MK’s presence.


After some time MK indicated he would like me to come to training to see how I would go and if everything worked out I would be invited to attend the regular morning training sessions with Ariel. As it was explained to me the training program was continuous and started at 6.00 am sharp. There were different levels of training from beginners to the advanced class. Training was continuous at the school from 6.00 am until 8.30 pm every day except Sundays. It was expected that you would make a commitment to attend every session and to continue to expand your knowledge of the system by regular attendance, training and writing – like any form of study. I remember making a promise to myself that I would put everything into this because this was something I could do for myself and others. It was referred to as an investment in ones self and I acknowledge this.


It was also a privilege and honour and be surrounded with so many talented and gifted people who had already achieved so much in their lives but wanted to learn more and be a part of this plan. It was a privilege to be a part of the Yoga School and to be trained by all the wonderful teachers – Ariel, Benjamin, Claudia, Clare and Darren who continuously demonstrated their commitment and flexibility in the gifts they had acquired from the knowledge passed on by the founder MK.


It made me feel very special just being there even though I did not get to speak to MK during my training over the year. Only a select few earn the privilege and right to speak to MK. One has to have trust and faith as a loyal student of the system and do what is being asked of them. Whilst I did not have the dedicated training through MK at that time, I had the best training and support from all the teachers at the Yoga Teacher Training School. This helped me to grow more and more and achieve incredible things. The teachers had a natural ability to pass on the knowledge and skills they were shown by MK. Their dedication was something we all looked up to and learnt from. To learn quickly one must listen carefully and tune in. I know how lucky I have been and owe my life to this knowledge which cured my back aches, stopped my headaches and enabled me to loose 10 kilograms in weight. My eating habits have now changed and I have a greater respect for myself and others. My training is now a daily commitment – a major part of my life. It has given me a new life and a new beginning.



Over the years I spent a lot of my time keeping fit, doing tai chi and attending a number of Ashtanga and Hatha yoga classes including a twelve month teachers training course with FINY which I interrupted so I could continue my training at the Ashram. The styles I had grown to know faded into insignificance as I became more in tune and aware of how effective the Access Yoga forms, sequences and meditative breathing training was and how it was helping me to overcome many health issues and difficulties in my life.


Ariel and all the other teachers at the school were able to pass on the knowledge they had received from MK to myself and all the other students at the same time. This enabled us to learn each stage of the form and sequence in a structured way until it became easier and more effective. The more clear you are the better you are able to extend yourself – not only in the physical but also in the non physical/spiritual way where you experience being one with the element.


There are no words that I know which can explain the total experience – you just have to do it and find out for yourself. The mind can be you worst enemy or your best friend and when you feel as if you know what is happening something comes along and stops it. The challenge is to become aware of when this is happening and shift your energy to other areas where you can work around the disruptive patterns we all experience. The mind is the most powerful healing tool once you have the knowledge to access it through this guided process. Things can be different or turned around through Access Yoga and Mind Access. It is truly amazing knowing this and having the courage to learn, practice and experience it.


Breathing is the most important part of the knowledge I have received so far and I acknowledge how amazing this system really is. There are many stories similar to mine where trainees and teachers have experienced healing in different ways and many of these are documented in the Ashram so others can share and learn through their experiences.


It wasn’t until I started my training at the Ashram Yoga School that I began to realize there was a lot more to “it” than I had ever realized or experienced. I started to appreciate how different my life could be, knowing I was now in a position to make the most important choice I could which would enable me to continue my growth and development until I reach my full potential.


It doesn’t become obvious until you have experienced the training and by letting go of the past; being open to receiving and being disciplined in the training. I could feel there was a whole new beginning unfolding before my very eyes. It is a wonderful feeling knowing you can be or do anything you want as long as you follow the training precisely and do not deviate or make excuses. It is important to work with the program and not against it. We can be very lazy at times and blame everything and everyone for things we create for ourselves. The saying practice makes perfect is so true. You are the one who knows how you feel when you achieve amazing results and this creates no doubt knowing something very special and unique is happening. It is as if you are continually on a high or in a trance like state – it is this magic that takes a hold of you and wont let you go or give up. It is truly amazing!