Zero gravity cell breathing is a structured 3D scientific process in a state of motion at a molecular cell level;

where you experience an incremental weightlessness through  a gradual fade out mechanism Inertia Trajectory where every cell start vibrating in motion at the same electromagnetic frequency  as planet earth rotate on its axis - gravity 

replicating itself at an atomic level in the same celestial trajectory of earth, moon and sun - Polarity

The REALITY of who you are only exists as your own REALITY, it is your own identification system program (ISP). Worldwide there are nine billion different identification system programs simultaneously creating their own separate REALITY. However, there is only one REALITY that we all connect to equally, the design of this REALITY never changes never alters (e.g. the moon orbits the earth and the earth orbits the sun).

Mind Access connects you to that REALITY.


By accessing superconscious Infinity

Our viewing change from analogue reception to a digital reception

(a) Analogue reception you supersede the basic mechanics of the subconscious and its identification with the mind which creates a separate self (the only process that exist).

(b) Digital reception viewing yourself as a part of an infinite process (and not the only process that exist). Refer to Diagram. 

In 2014 a tragic accident resulted in a severe collapse of the founders lower vertebrae that made him unable to move or walk freely. The specialist’s diagnosis of repairing his back was 50/50 of being able to walk or becoming a paraplegic: the choice was not to have surgery.

This tragic accident had a devastating impact on the founders ability to practice any form and confined him to very restricted movement under continuous severe pain that required constant medication. DOCTORS CERTIFICATE

In early 2015 after enduring the torturous hell of being painfully disabled. Mind Access inception came through an epiphany of a three dimensional structured scientific process (3D) where we can repair the body and reverse cell mutation and bring the body to its natural order of healing: its natural recurring phenomenon. The scanning process of body repair and the healing of mutations at molecular stem-cell level takes place at Zero Gravity: as if you were under anaesthetic. Mind Access was developed by the spiritual founder Kaheil Soloman in early 2015.