The Miracle

The decision to join the Yoga Teacher Training School under the direction of MK in 2002 was so incredible and I soon realised I was fortunate and privileged to be involved in something much more than I released: this system was an amazing all encompassing holistic healing system.

“Danielle Renee” with her Zero Gravity teacher “Maliya Myers”

I feel absolutely fabulous!!

I’m floating around and gliding everywhere I go; my body feels weightless and like water. My energy is flowing throughout my body making those I come into contact with just as invigorated as myself: everything seems to be moving in a smooth fluid motion.

Danielle’s Experience of Knowledge Practice

Since Danielle was a young girl she always had a void within her that she just couldn’t seem to fill.  It wasn’t anything superficial or materialistic, it was something much more deep; something lacking on the inside.

The Gift

I returned to Australia with the sole purpose of changing my whole life completely. I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to receive knowledge through Mind Access (Breath Hypnosis) that allowed me to view the reality I live in and not identify myself with it. Its like changing the viewing from a slide show to a movie reel, from analogue to digital. This knowledge practice has changed my whole life. I want to share with you this amazing experience.

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